FAQs Check here for answers to the most common questions we receive.

What languages is QuillBot capable of using?

We're planning to provide more options in the future for paraphrasing in languages other than English, as QuillBot is only presently available for paraphrasing in Dutch,French,Spanish,Germany,Turkish,Indonesian.

Offers QuillBot an API?

YES, QuillBot.one is offering API

What was the original purpose of QuillBot?


As a full-sentence thesaurus, QuillBot was developed to assist students and professionals in writing more assuredly and rapidly. And thus far, we've been successful: our users have used the tools on our platform to develop a variety of projects, including doctorate theses, legal emails, document translations, and web content.

QuillBot is used by who?


QuillBot was created as a full-sentence thesaurus to help writers, both professionals and students, write more confidently and quickly. And thus far, our efforts have been fruitful: our users have created a wide range of projects using the capabilities on our platform, including doctoral theses, legal emails, document translations, and online content.


Will QuillBot be found by Turnitin?


QuillBot was developed to aid users in improving their own writing, not in plagiarising other people's work and passing it off as their own. Plagiarism shouldn't be a concern if QuillBot is being used correctly.